Video Laryngoscope

Fully disposable. One size.

Airway management total solution:


  • Fully disposable with camera tip
  • Semi-channel, no need bougie, classical SOP
  • The high success rate at 1st-attempt
  • One size for 90% cases. ETT 5.5-8.5



  • NO cross-infection
  • NO sterilization
  • NO Maintenance
  • Easy-to-set-up, Ready-to-go
  • Smaller OD size with bigger channel


  • Chip-on-the-tip tech 
  • Super durable
  • All-in-one design, Anywhere, anytime
  • Various sizes available: slimmest 2.8mm OD



  • Not painful for the patient
  • High image quality
  • Photo and video recording
  • High durability
NEW. Single-use Video laryngoscope.

NO risk of cross-infection. NO cleaning. NO maintenance. NO Batteries.

Fully disposable Video laryngoscope uses USB to connect with Android, Windows or Mac devices. You can take a picture, record video or share your screen by Wi-Fi to any other phone, pad, laptop or android TV.

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Reusable Flexible Video Bronchoscope.

Fully digital video endoscope. It can be supplied with a small monitor on the handle or with a large monitor on the trolley. Our bestseller for many years.

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ESICM 2019 Berlin // 28 September – 2 October
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Anesthesiology 2019 Orlando // October 19 - 23
MEDICA 2019 Dusseldorf // November 18 - 21