MDH – Zhuhai Mindhao Medical Technology Co., Ltd

2009 - Founded

Our company was founded in Zhuhai (near HongKong). One of the founders of the company is Dr. Wong. He worked as an anesthesiologist and he himself knows how complicated is intubation. The first models of endoscopes have been created to facilitate the difficult intubation. Having models A10 and A11 we started to work in the domestic market of China.

2012 - Certification

The production of medical products is an increased responsibility for the health and life of the patient. Realizing this, we immediately began implementing high-quality standards, multi-level control, and regular research.

Our company is certificated in many countries of the world and on many quality control systems. This allows us to confidently state that our products are at the same level as all-known manufacturers of endoscopes.

ISO 13485, CE certificate, CFDA, TGA, PCT...

2017 - New generation

We constantly communicated with doctors who work with our equipment and collect their feedback. As a result, we collected a lot of important information and updated our product line.
We added a photo and video recording to all endoscopes, improved video processing, replacing the type of battery. We also updated the software.

Also in 2017, new endoscopes with a large 10 “monitor were presented: a bronchoscope, an ENT, a cystoscope, so we significantly expanded the number of directions in which we work.

2018 - Innovation

We see the future of world endoscopy and try to present the most current models of technology in time. We constantly work to reduce the diameter of the injected tube, increase the working channel and improve image quality.

Our company has extensive experience in the production of medical endoscopes. Our products are of high efficiency, clear image, convenient usage, easy repair, our own patents of high technology and perfect video solutions to professional medical field application.

  • MDH’s research team is composed of senior clinicians experienced in medical equipment research.
  • Based on the responses of practicing doctors, we develop product design. We hear wishes and advice. MDH endoscopes have got many design patents and utility patents.
  • We have accumulated a huge engineering experience in the medical field since 2009. Our team of engineers develops the product in full.
  • Our company does market research, produces training for distributors and doctors. We give a guarantee on the products and carry out the post-warranty repair.